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Liip Web Styleguide

A living documentation of the components used, essentially, on liip.ch. The goal of this documentation is to illustrate all the elements available and therefor have an overview of the style and behavior of the interface of the website.

This project is based on Kanbasu 2 and reuse most of its components. For the sake of clarity, those components are not documented here. You can find a dedicated documentation at kanbasu.liip.ch/2.

The code is available on Github and licensed under the MIT license.


Recommended way is to install with npm:

npm install @liip/styleguide

With a module bundler such as Webpack

// Load style
import '@liip/styleguide/dist/common.css';

// Load Styleguide module
import Styleguide from '@liip/styleguide';

// Initialize a Contact Form
const form = document.querySelector('.my-contact-form');
new Styleguide.ContactForm(form);

With a script tag

<!-- Load style -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/@liip/styleguide/dist/common.css">

<!-- Expose "Styleguide" globally -->
<script src="node_modules/@liip/styleguide/dist/common.js"></script>

<!-- Initialize a Contact Form -->
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
  const form = document.querySelector('.my-contact-form');
  new Styleguide.ContactForm(form);



Use Github issues to report anything, from bugs to feature requests.


To contribute to this project, open a pull request on GitHub. If you make changes in the JavaScript, setup EsLint in your editor or run npm run lint to ensure consistency. Also check the coding standards applied to this project before you start.